What does your tongue say about YOU?

It’s really important to pay close attention to what your tongue is telling you, it can reveal so much about the health of your internal organs – what does it look like? It should be pink with a thin, white coating, moist, smooth and move with ease with no cracks, toothprints or discolouration. But how many of us have tongues that differ from that description?

Things like thick, yellow or white fur on the tongue indicate ‘dampness’, whereas a red tongue that may be dry and cracked and lacks any coating means there is too much ‘heat’ and there is a yin-deficiency.  Other signs such as a dark, purplish or bluish tongue are a sign of ‘stagnation’, while a quivering tongue shows a qi deficiency.  Various areas are mapped on the tongue correspond to internal organs and can reflect the condition of them.  As an acupuncturist reading the tongue can help towards making an accurate diagnosis and understanding what is going on in the inside of the patient quickly and effectively.  As a patient returns to full health the progression can also be seen in the improvement of the tongues appearance.


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