Needling and Dry Cupping the ‘Back Shu’ Points

Vacuum pump cups applied to a patient's backIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 12 Back Shu points that correspond to 12 Zang-fu organs, each pair of points run parallel on either side of the spine on the Bladder meridian.  ‘Shu’ means transporting point and each organ has a transporting point which is very powerful and can be used to fortify each organ.  Tenderness, and/or redness around one of these points may indicate an imbalance in that respective organ. There are six zang organs which are each paired with a fu organ (sister organ), for example the Liver is the zang organ and the gall bladder is its sister organ.

Needling and Cupping back shu points will:

  • Tonify and strengthen the back shu organs
  • Regulate imbalances (by clearing an excess or tonifying a deficiency)
  • Accelerate the general metabolism and assist waste and toxin elimination
  • Regulate ‘Qi’ (life-force/energy)
  • Remove blockages for the free-flow of Qi through the meridians
  • Clears congestion and stagnation (particularly cupping for respiratory conditions)
  • Increase blood flow and circulation
  • Relieve tension and loosen tight muscles
  • Cupping is an excellent deep tissue therapy


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