Prebirth Acupuncture Sessions

Acupuncture can be used throughout pregnancy. It is safe, effective and promotes the mother’s physical and mental well-being and maintains a healthy pregnancy. Prebirth Acupuncture is a course of treatments leading up to the due date that will support and prepare the expectant mother’s body for childbirth. You can start acupuncture sessions at any time during your pregnancy and I would recommend beginning sooner rather than later. Many new patients get in touch after they have passed their due date as a last resort to stimulate labour naturally to avoid medical induction. While one or two sessions of acupuncture at this late stage may trigger labour there is not much time to work with before the hospital will want to induce! Finding an Acupuncturist to support your pregnancy throughout is key and the standard protocol for prebirth acupuncture begins from 36/37 weeks, (once if not twice a week). #ripenthecervix #prostaglandins #oxytocin #gentlebirth #naturalbirth #promotelabour #cervixsoftening #cervixdilation #prebirthacupuncture #debrabetts #pregnancyacupuncture #acupuncturetoinduce #childbirth #labour #birthing #painrelief #acupressure #naturaldelivery gorgeous pic @thelanguageofbirth


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