I suffered from persistent lower back pain and had gone down various avenues to try to relieve this (massage, physiotherapy, medication) but with little success.  I decided to try acupuncture as a friend recommended it.  After three treatments from Alexandra I experienced dramatic pain relief, and will continue to have acupuncture treatments as and when I need them.  Patrick

Alexandra, I would like to thank you for the  wonderful course of acupuncture treatments.  I have seen a real improvement with my insomnia, general well-being and other health issues addressed.  Your calm manner and kindness made the treatments relaxing and enjoyable.  Colette

Acupuncture treatments from Alexandra have changed my life. I suffered from severe migraines which affected my work and social life.  I was in so much pain and turmoil and nothing I tried got rid of them, I was at a complete loss until a friend recommended I see Alexandra.  The results were amazing and I am delighted to say that after my course of treatments I have not had a migraine since.  Anna

I saw Alexandra for cosmetic acupuncture to treat fine lines on my forehead and eye area and I couldn’t be happier with the improvement.  I was surprised by how effective the treatment is and pleased to find a natural way to stay looking young and rejuvenated! Margaret

My condition has got miles better and it’s meant I’ve avoided surgery.  Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me, the sessions have improved my health, well-being and given me peace of mind. I really enjoyed the treatments and appreciate all the additional help and advice you have given me. Mark

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